Palletech Cells

Palletech Cells

The Palletech System is a Mazak exclusive and brings together machines, loading stations, pallet racks and a robotic vehicle to load pallets into and out of the machines. The Palletech Controller software can monitor operations, view and change schedules on-the-fly, manage part program files from anywhere on the network, track tool life/breakage and issue instructions to the shop floor. Users are able to interrupt a planned machining queue and produce an emergency part with no cost penalty.

Benefits CMI has seen using the Palletech system include unattended ‘lights out’ operation, a single employee operating multiple machines, drastic improvements in machine utilization and the ability to add more machines, pallets or load stations as the need arises.

Mazak HCN Nexus 500 Horizontal Machining Centers
CMI’s Horizontal Palletech Cell currently has 4 Nexus 5000 machines, 60 pallets and 2 load stations. Each machine has a tool hive that can hold up to 312 tools. The tool hives have virtually eliminated setups. The tools and holders are assembled with a pre-setter and never removed from the machine unless they are broken or worn out. The fixture remains on a tombstone in the 2 level pallet rack. Running a proven job is as simple as loading the stock on the fixture and adding the part to the Palletech Controller software for scheduling.

Mazak Variaxisi-700 Vertical Machining Centers
CMI’s Variaxis Palletech Cell currently has 2 i-700 machines, 36 pallets and 2 load stations.Both machines have tool hives that hold 240 tools. With innovative tooling CMI has been able to fixture multiple parts per pallet and still be able machine 5 sides on all parts. The Variaxis cell has all the same advantages of the horizontal cell.

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