Our Mission

Our Mission

To be an industry leader and partner for machined and assembled components in the Aerospace and commercial industries.To develop mutually beneficial partnerships with our Members, Customers, and Suppliers.

“Dedicated To Perfection across all our operations for the betterment of all our Members, Customers and Suppliers. To meet today’s complex challenges head-on by providing the highest quality products and services to our customers while maintaining a competitive, profitable and growth oriented posture. We will do this by continually investing in new technology, growth and development of our members, improving Safety, improving Quality, improving Delivery and improving Cost.We will also continuously work to improve communication, planning, processes, and procedures.

A Tradition of Integrity – Adhering to the highest business standards of conduct in regards to legal, technical and complex content. An environment where Genuine Integrity is a beacon for our operational decision making.

Commitment to Relationship Building – Team building has always been one of the core fundamentals of our company. Building healthy positive working relationships with members and developing/growing relationships with our customers and vendors are key to our successes and future.

Cassavant Machining was founded in the central Phoenix area. We are committed and loyal to our community that we have been a part of since the inception of our company. CMI has committed and will continue to commit to give back to the Team Bradley Bear Foundation and Saint Vincent De Paul. CMI also looks forward to volunteering with other organizations in the future.