Cassavant Machining has 4 individual facilities that are all in close proximity to each other to maximize efficiency. All our facilities are secure with gates and fencing to ensure a safe work environment for all our members.

3641 E. La Salle Street (Building #1)
-Approximately 25,000 Square Feet
-Established in 2006
-Home for our Lathe, Mill, Tool Making, Saw Cutting and Engineering Centers of Excellence

3631 E. La Salle Street (Building #2)
-Approximately 23,500 Square Feet
-Established in 2015
-Home for our Swiss Screw Machine, Grind, Hone, Deburr, Integrex Mill-Turn and Production Control centers of excellence
-Also contains our large (1,600 sq ft) state of the art training/member break room

3617 E. La Salle Street (Building #3)
-Approximately 25,000 Square Feet
-Established in 2009
-Home for our Varaxis -5X pallatech line, Horizontal Milling Pallatech Line, Automated Deburring, Quality Control, Product Cleaning, Assembly, and Shipping Centers of Excellence

3801 E. La Salle Street (Building #4)
-Approximately 23,500 Square Feet
-Established in 2018
-Home for our 5 axis Yasdas and expanded Integrex Mill-Turn cells

2688 E Rose Garden Ln (CMI North)
-Approximately 52,000 Square Feet
-Established in 2020
-Home for various machines including a Makino A51nx automation line, several Matsurra MAM72-35V, MX-520, and Okuma Millac 853PF-5X

Cassavant Assembly & Processing
-Approximately 17,850 Square Feet
-Established in 2016
-Home for our chemical processing, coating, special processes and assembly.

Kimberly Gear & Spline
-Approximately 10,000 Square Feet
-Acquired in 2019
-Provides services for broaching, hobbing, and shaping