Basic Machining

Basic Machining

3-Axis & 4-Axis Machining Centers
CMI has 30 vertical machining centers. The majority of these machines are variations of Fanuc RoboDrills or Mazak Nexus 500 series. Five of these machines have Lyndex 5-axis trunnions. Many of them have 4-axis indexers in addition to a vise mounted on their tables to allow either type of setup to be implemented without tearing down the other. In addition, CMI has started investing in Schunk quick-change tooling in an effort to reduce setup times.

CMI has 31 turning centers. The majority of these machines are variations of Hitachi-Seikis or Mazak QTN 250s. Six of these machines are the Mazak 250 MSY turn-mills. Chuck sizes run from 6 to 10 inches.

Secondary Operations

CMI has the in-house capability to perform many secondary operations which allows for better control of cost and lead times.

CMI’s assembly department can valveseat impact, lap and test; test valve crack pressures; pressure test; press fit, install inserts, assemble components using adhesives and assemble simple to medium complexity assemblies.

CMI’s grind department can do OD & ID grinding (CNC & manual); centerless grind, surface grind, and lap.

CMI’s hone department has the latest technology Sunnen SH-4000 hone as well as another CNC power stroker hone and manual hones at their disposal.

In addition to manual deburring and traditional tumblers, CMI employs 4 30G centrifugal tumblers and various media to remove burrs in a fast and consistent manner.

CMI uses an industrial sized ultrasonic cleaning system and oven dryer to make sure all its products are clean and FOD free.

Multi Tasking
Palletech Cells
Part Families